Kiss the moment.



Kiss the moment.
Kiss it real,
Kiss it true.
Like this one is the best,
Not just one you break through.
As you honour the quest
Of an early you.

Kiss the second.
Kiss it all,
Kiss it twice.
Make it one of the best,
Not just maybe the last.

And the more surreal, the less feigned.
The more unexpexted, the less trained.

Kiss the evidence.
At a crossroads, on a grim night,
Shadowed by the elevated railway.
In the most unromantic set
Where you thought you might stay.
Where none is safe but the pusher,
Yet it feels like a shelter.

Kiss the moment.
Her eyes suddenly darker,
Her eyes seeing you deeper,
Her eyes are getting closer.
Now you’re the focus of the Spirit,
You have no choice but to exist.

Rekiss the moment,
Only further,
Wider, heavier.

Love the instant,
Cherish the detail.
Given that the big picture
Ignores you on its trail.

Then let it go, let it pass.
We, travelers, know it cannot last.

Go kiss the moment.
Just kiss it true,
Kiss it real.

Oh yes we do,
We did,
And sure again,
We will.

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